madonna bologna street art women

Variations on a (Street Art) Theme

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is “variations on a theme”. As I thought about more of the street art images I have that I’d like to post, these three images popped into my mind first. All variations of depictions of women in street art. I’ll leave it up to you how you choose to interpret them. What I do love is how different … Continue reading Variations on a (Street Art) Theme

Guasto village street art bologna

Guasto Village Street Art

Along Via del Guasto, an unassuming and potentially unappealing street between Via delle Belle Arti and Piazza Verdi, there are some unexpected surprises. What had a reputation as a drug-infested back alley in the past is trying to reclaim a safer yet still modern and edgy vibe. Guasto Village, which took place in the surrounding streets during the summer, was a way to give new … Continue reading Guasto Village Street Art

via majorana bologna murals street art graffiti

The Murals of Via Majorana

In Bologna, Via Majorana is a small side street technically within the historic city center. However, because of the proximity to the train station — a target in WWII — the buildings in the area tend to be post WWII. They still have portici and lovely colors in most cases, but some of the side streets are just as likely to be covered in graffiti … Continue reading The Murals of Via Majorana