All in One Morning [11|365]

At first I thought I’d keep it simple today and just post this photo of the pure blue sky and the warm colors of Bologna architecture. It’s like a geometric abstract, in a way. I think it will be my new desktop image.

But then I saw this fancy Ape and couldn’t resist. I’m used to the Ape 50 van, which I often see on this same street, but this was something different! 11/01/2019

And then I went grocery shopping before starting work. That’s where things went downhill, literally. I slipped (on the no-slip) ramp leaving the grocery store and went down on my knee and shin. I’ve had issues with that knee before, so I was a little scared. So far, it seems to be feeling better, just tender. Good thing I’d already bought those peas for tonight’s dinner, as it’s not like we have a lot of ice for ice packs.

3 thoughts on “All in One Morning [11|365]

    1. Fortunately, it didn’t bruise like I thought it would. It’s tender, but bearable and not really painful to walk on, just the odd twinge. A huge relief! Thanks for the good wishes!


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