4 gennaio 2019

In my continuing attempt to photograph bits of my daily life here in Bologna (at least stuff I come across on my walks with Charlie or while running errands, I present these latest photos. There was some pretty light on this morning’s walk, even if it was quite chilly. Still, with the colors of Bologna, you start to feel a little warmer and cheerier.

4 gennaio 2019 4 gennaio 2019

At one point, we reached a corner and I could hear distinct birdsong. Not something you typically here in the heart of the old city with few trees. It turned out to be a bunch of caged birds outside their owner’s window. It was really quite lovely to stop and listen. I’ll probably try to post the short video on Instagram if the audio is clear enough.

4 gennaio 2019

I found some more expressive street art that really caught my eye. I really like this loose, sketchy style.

4 gennaio 2019

I remember in the Netherlands when the public pay phones seemed to disappear. There are still a few around here in Italy, and some even allow you to text or email, I think. 4 gennaio 2019

I get a kick out of the juxtaposition of the Madonna shrine next to the wine store referencing Bacchus. For what it’s worth, I think you can take your own bottles into this shop and get them filled. We really should check them out at some point. 4 gennaio 2019

This reminded me that I needed to hang my own laundry out when I got home. I miss
having a dryer.

4 gennaio 2019

And finally, a pretty window in the sunshine. 4 gennaio 2019

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