2 gennaio 2019

I had an errand or two I wanted to run today and figured I’d do it while the spirit and flesh were both willing. I may be an atheist, but there’s something about the freedom of the lines of this quick sketch and the emotion conveyed that really spoke to me, whether the cross is a part of it or separate.
2 gennaio 2019

This one I call, “Charlie, I don’t think we’re in the Netherlands any more.”
2 gennaio 2019

My errand was here at Feltrinelli to pick up some books to help my Italian. I’m around A2 level but need some refreshing on other bits. I’m not totally thrilled with the books I found, but we’ll see how they go. I tried lessons, but they weren’t really geared to me and the rest are beyond my budget at the moment.
2 gennaio 2019

This was the view over my head while taking the photo of Feltrinelli: the two towers on a foggy day.
2 gennaio 2019

How can you not love a  street named Via del’Inferno, especially with all the narrow streets, saints, and open windows.
2 gennaio 2019

This is pretty typical in Bologna. It’s not the only photo I took of colorful buildings today.
2 gennaio 2019

Red pen strikes again …
2 gennaio 2019

3 thoughts on “2 gennaio 2019

  1. Hahaha! That last one cracks me up! As a southerner, I’m all about using “y’all”, but I didn’t here anyone say it while I was in Italy. Must’ve been an exchange student. 😃😃


    1. It was originally “ya”, which bugged me every time I saw it. So I finally fixed it. Though I made a mess of it, putting the apostrophe in the wrong place the first time. Too much stress! So now it’s a “heart”, as in, “bless your heart.” 😉

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