Halloween: Art History Style

There are a number of great exhibits going on right now in Bologna, some of which are lasting just a few more weeks, while others last through early next year, or are simply permanent. I visited a few museums last week and while I’m trying to find the time to actually post about them (and narrow down all of the photos I took), I thought I’d do a quick Halloween-themed “snapshot” of what I saw.

I miss Halloween. I used to have tons of decorations and of course I loved all the mini chocolates, plus, I love a good ghost story. I’ve been trying to read and watch some horror/ghost stories, so at least I get a little bit of the thrill.

As for the art/history, some are obvious, some just look kind of creepy. Dissecting table anyone?

The Dissection Room at the Archiginnasio
Dissection Room

A vaguely creepy painting, Iter itineris secondo, by Italian artist Sergio Vacchi Sergio Vacchi

Dracula, by Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

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