Odds & Ends at Santa Maria Novella

First off, for those who are religious, forgive me for being a bit irreverent. None of this is meant as mocking, just my silly sense of humor. They’re all odds and ends that I found interesting during my visit to Santa Maria Novella in Florence, but they don’t really fit in any one blog post. I do have other posts I’d love to write, but they require actual research and thought. The Masaccio one alone is starting to make me feel like I’m back in school and right now I have other more pressing matters, which will get a mention at some point, I’m sure. So now, creepy baby dolls, musical reminders, and a bit of housecleaning that needs to be done.

I know this first one is dedicated to victims, but there’s something a bit creepy thanks to the uplighting. Some lovely stained glass, though.
On a dark night ...

I can’t help it, I’ve never been a fan of baby dolls. I had animal dolls, not baby dolls. I’m also child-free with pets, so I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise. But I’ve been coming across these baby dolls (yes, I know this one is meant to represent the Christ child) in churches and they give me the willies a bit.
More creepy baby dolls in churches

On the other hand (heh, let’s go with pun intended) I quite like this relic for St. Sebastian, known for being pierced by arrows. St. Sebastian always reminds me of a line in a Nick Cave song, but I’m not going to link, because you’ll think I’m insane to pick that one line out of that whole song. But I’m not the one who puts bits of bone into elaborate sculptures and such, either.
St. Sebastian and his arrows

Speaking of musical connections, G and I both thought of Led Zepplin when we saw this version of the Stairway to Heaven. Stairway to Heaven

Finally, a nice, simple, normal font/stoup, right?
Looks normal from the outside, but inside ...

Then we looked inside. Someone has been letting the dishes pile up! Dishes need doing ...

Alright, that’s enough heathenry for today. Truly, none of it was meant to be offensive, just odd thoughts for a few odds and ends I came across. Ciao!

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