For the Love of Rustication

Just a few words on this Wednesday … I need to save the rest for my paying job. My love of rustication is long standing and still intense and I get a bit of a thrill when I see some good stuff. As I probably mentioned before, I’ve been known to give it a bit of a fondle in passing. So when I saw this building a few weeks ago not far from Piazza Minghetti, I couldn’t resist a few shots. This is a much more stylized version than the original use of rustication. Here it’s purely decorative, while the original uses tended to be more for fortification and protection. Anyway, I love the lines and the finishing of the stones. *sighs dreamily and flutters lashes*

(Also, may I just say that that Wikipedia page on rustication only has four references/sources. Four!! I wrote a paper on the origin/style/use of rustication and I had to have about 20 sources! I put literal blood, sweat, tears, and bruises into finding those sources and writing that paper. All these years later, it’s still a challenge to find info! For what it’s worth, I got an A on the paper.)






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