World Book Day: Libreria Nanni

Today is World Book Day 2018 or Giornata Mondiale del Libro in Italian, so I thought I’d rattle on a bit about books. I’m a bibliophile. I’ve been reading since a young age, held many a library card, and books have been the most important things for me to take on each move. I still feel like I’ve lost a friend when I think of the books that didn’t make the move.

Sadly, most of my books are ebooks now. I’m happy to have a plethora of books still to read without worrying about tracking down English-language physical versions (and I look forward to eventually reading more in Italian), but it’s just not the same. I miss being able to look at the spines and covers and reminisce about each story. I have a few books I plan on purchasing the physical versions now, since they feel like one’s I’ll want to revisit.

Of course, I’ve found some of the bookstores in town. That’s always one of the most important types of shops to find. I had a listing in my Utrecht blog of stores with some English-language books and that’s probably one of my most popular posts.

For big-box, multi-language stores here in Bologna, La Feltrinelli is one of the biggest, with a large location in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, right in front of the two towers.

La Feltrinelli

However, if you’re looking for more specialized or antique books, go to Libreria Nanni. While they certainly have contemporary books, including big displays of gialli (the typical Italian name given to mystery books because of the yellow (giallo) covers the Mondadori publishers gave them), they also make an effort to track down rare books. They also have a policy of reprinting older/out-of-print works of philosophy, medicine, natural sciences, engineering, literature and more.

la Libreria Nanni

As if that’s not interesting enough, Libreria Nanni is also the oldest bookstore in Bologna. It was originally started in 1825 by the Marchesi family. Then Arnaldo Nanni took over in 1928. He’s the one who helped add to the atmosphere of the store, adding the “Parisian stalls” under the portico. It’s lovely to look at, day or night. I particularly liked catching it early one evening.

This definitely comes under things to see in Bologna if you’re a book lover. Technically, it’s located on Via Dè Musei, but you can get to it a couple of ways, though it takes a bit of searching sometimes. It’s worth the visit. Check out their website to see just how extensive a subject listing they have! la Libreria Nanni

la Libreria Nanni

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