Our Good Friday Tradition

Honestly, I could just repost what I wrote last year about what Charlie and I did on Good Friday and it would be about the same. We went to a few different places this year, but we also went to some of the same places we went to last year. And in both cases, it turned into a nearly three-hour walk, since the weather was nice and we kept finding nice spots to investigate. Today isn’t really a holiday here (Monday is when most people are off), and I’m not religious, but going for a long walk with your dog amid lovely scenery is always a good Friday.

As well as a “death march”, as we jokingly call these long walks, our other tradition is to go to Piazza Maggiore and sit at one of the café tables outside next to the Basilica di San Petronio and have a coffee and pastry. That was essentially our first stop to then give us a bit of a caffeine and sugar boost before continuing on. Charlie got some pastry, some of his dog biscuits, and coccole/knuffels/cuddles from the waitress. He was a happy boy.

Bella Bologna Bella Bologna

The sky was a lovely blue, the sun was shining, and the stunning colors of Bologna were looking spectacular. I was particularly taken with quite a few doorways and narrow, colorful streets, so the rest of the post is just more examples of how ridiculously pretty this city can be. Enjoy!
Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna

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