Please vote for me!

Some of you may have followed me to Italy from Utrecht, where I had my A Flamingo in Utrecht blog. Some of you may be new here and have noticed the link to that blog in the menu up top. Some might not have noticed at all. But that blog is currently up for a blog award/prize and though I don’t really work on it now (though I post sometimes to the Facebook page), I did put a lot of effort into it over the years, to the point that many people thought of me as an unofficial ambassador for Utrecht. Really! Someone wrote an article about Utrecht bloggers/supporters for the Utrecht tourism website and included me. My blog was also included in a BBC article about cities that are lesser-known gems.

I’d really appreciate your vote (click on OranjeFlamingo) if you haven’t voted already. It’s easy and requires no registration. Just that one click. There are only three days left in the contest, so I thought I’d take one last chance at getting a few more votes. Any last votes are greatly appreciated! Grazie mille and dankjewel!

The towers in my life …

Utrecht Postcard Le Due Torri

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