Piazza Santo Stefano

One of the well-known spots in Bologna is Piazza Santo Stefano. Locals and tourists alike can’t help but love this triangular square. Yes, a triangular square. It starts off narrow and then broadens as you approach the Basilico di Santo Stefano. The church itself is actually made up of seven churches and some of the original construction dates back to the fifth century. I’ll go into the history of the church another time, once I’ve been back in to properly visit it. I did visit on my first trip here and thought it was pretty fantastic, so I really should go back.

However, you don’t have to go to the square just to visit the church. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants, and shops along the portici that line the square. It’s a great place to meet up with friends for a coffee and chat or just to sit for a while with your dog and watch the world go by and admire the architecture. So grab a coffee and become an armchair tourist for a moment with a few of my photos from a recent visit. Don’t forget to pay attention to the line markers in the ground. They give you a sense of how the triangular square is shaped. And don’t miss the Asinelli tower in the distance!

Santo Stefano Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano

5 thoughts on “Piazza Santo Stefano

    1. It does sort of feel like it! To be honest, the non-stop sun was getting to me. The past week or two have actually been overcast and rainy. This morning there was supposedly even some snow, but I missed that. It’s just rain again.


  1. Love your blog Alison!! Such a fresh perspective on an underrated city imo. I haven’t been to Bologna even after many years of Italy travel but I feel as if I know the city ❤


    1. Thank you so much! I do hope you’re able to visit Bologna in the near future. It really is a wonderful city, full of beauty and so much history (like so much of Italy). 😉


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