Where Sigismondo and Alfredo Meet

(For American’s of a certain age, I’m now picturing Sigmund the sea monster eating a bowl of “fettucine alfredo”. For the Italians, yes, I know, “Chi รจ Alfredo”? That’s why I put fettucine alfredo in quotes.)

All of that is just to say that as you walk along Largo Alfredo Trombetti, you’ll come across the Chiesa Universitaria di San Sigismondo. The church is a wonderful mix of pastel peach/pink and honey-yellow accents, while the building along Largo Alfredo Trombetti is possibly some sort of science building now or maybe it still retains some of its jurisprudence history. I honestly don’t know. But there’s a great window above the start of a lovely long portico.

Why am I sharing this? Just because. I liked this little section and the mix of architecture styles, colors and more. It’s one of the many spots that makes me think, yeah, Bologna’s a pretty cool place to live, even on an overcast day.
Chiesa Universitaria di San Sigismondo
Largo Alfredo Trombetti

Hey, it’s Charlie! Most likely thinking, “Another photo?”

Charlie and the long portico

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