Maintenance, changes, life, and stuff

Having been blogging for close to a decade, I have come to the realization that I’m just kind of burned out. I write for a living, as it is, and when it comes to my blogs, I want to be able to post decent photos and have well-researched information. Nowadays, even a simple post primarily of photos can take more than an hour.

In the Netherlands, I had gradually picked up a variety of sources for information and had developed a feel for how to photograph the city. I’m finding Bologna harder to photograph. Not that it’s not pretty; it’s just built differently and it’s taking some adjustments. The streets are narrower, the buildings are taller, and there are cars, rather than picturesque bicycles in many of the shots.  I just have to learn. I also need to find more sources of information for my research. But that all gets kind of exhausting and disheartening and overwhelming, especially if you’re also dealing with anxiety (which I do).

So this is the long-winded, stream-of-consciousness way of saying that I decided to save some money on the blog since I’m not putting as much into it, and now I’ve got to do some redesign on a budget. So it’s going to look a mess for a bit. I also may just post photos that I do sort of like and hold off on the deep research. At least for now, until I get my blogging mojo back. Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the photos (and don’t forget my Instagram account where I do tend to post slightly more often) and fingers crossed I find a theme that I like. But for now, things may look a bit wonky. no dear no


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