Bologna canals reflection

When the Canal Runs Dry

I know it’s been a hot, dry year, but we did get some rain this week. Where did the canal go? I hope this is temporary!*

At least the reflections of the buildings in the small bit of remaining water is quite nice, and as always, the gorgeous colors of Bologna make any view that little more charming.

Bologna canal reflection

*It is. After breaking out my Italian Google Fu, I do believe this is the result of annual autumnal maintenance on the Bologna canal system, though I thought it was supposed to be finished a week ago. Perhaps the rains delayed the work!

8 thoughts on “When the Canal Runs Dry

  1. It is significant that the canal bed is empty of water vegetation. All the signs of ‘dead water’: polluted, de-oxygenated, and unable to support life.
    You do not mention the smell. The canal bed does seem,. though, mercifully free of other rubbish: dumped shopping trolleys, fly-tipping, and… dare I say… bodies.


    1. There was a significant amount of vegetation by late summer. I have a post that shows some of it. This particular canal flows pretty steadily, so it doesn’t get stagnant, but others in the system don’t flow as much and do need to be sorted out. I’ve never noticed a smell, though. Fortunately!

      There’s not much actual access to the canal, so it probably doesn’t get quite the same amount of stuff tossed in as in the Netherlands. Of course, there, they have big boats to go dredging the canals, picking up bikes and other odds and ends.


  2. Wonderful spotting, and that is some pretty clear reflection. Hopefully the canal works finish up soon and water will come roaring through again 🙂 It has been pretty cold here in Australia this year, but looks like we are heading towards a warm summer soon 🙂


    1. It was a bright, crisp, beautiful day yesterday, perfect for clear reflections. It was also a bit warmer than the past few rainy days. Today, though, it’s much colder and the sun has disappeared. It’s early enough in the season that it feels kind of cozy and relaxing. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. I’m sure they’d already gone in and cleaned it up by the time I saw it. It’s also not that easy to access, so dumping stuff in wouldn’t be that easy. I snapped my picture through the gate barring the way. 🙂


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