graffiti bologna wall art

Wall Art and Words in Bologna

I thought I’d share a few photos of some of the wall art/graffiti I’ve stumbled across recently, which amused me, one way or another. (FYI, there’s some language in the first one, though you could claim it says “puck”). When words are involved, it’s always interesting to see the different thoughts being expressed. In this batch, we see one extreme to another.

First off, I took this photo mainly as a joke. As a southerner and an editor, I believe this should say “y’all”, not “ya”. Bene ma non benissimo. But that’s just me.

graffiti bologna wall art

This next one is a bit more positive. After all, don’t we all just need a hug?

graffiti bologna wall art

Finally, just because I like it, a bit of political propaganda of the vulpine sort, with bonus faces.

graffiti bologna wall art

2 thoughts on “Wall Art and Words in Bologna

  1. “haters just need a hug” 🙂

    I’m fascinated by graffiti and especially words and how they are used. There’s something near my place on the edge of Velp, written “sick with society”. Being that my mother-tongue is English I think immediately, “I didn’t know ‘society’ was an ailment” 😉 But then I think Dutch to English translation makes sense. Trying to make a statement in your non-native language is still pretty bold.


    1. As I said in my post today, I love the different ways street art/graffiti can be interpreted, literally and figuratively. Sick with society is such a great example, especially when you do think about how translation can affect meaning. Love it!


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